O Rings from a reputable company

O-Ring specialist ttv GmbH from Germany has more than 25 years of experience in sealing and bearing and is offering a lot of information about those rings:

O-rings are all-in-one shaped objects prepared from elastomeric cover with a round cross-section. They’re utilized to stop liquid movement between motorized parts through keeping interaction with the inside and outward walls surrounding the ring. The rubber resiliency offers a zero-pressure seal. Once pressure is used, the fluid pushes the O-rings through the groove and leads to more distortion. These causes the ring move up to the fluid passageway and covers it against seepage. O-rings are a model of self-boost seals, implying they pass on the pressure in the pipe (or container) to provide them the pressure required to build the seal. O-rings are implanted into openings known as glands, and they’re utilized in either radial or axial seal designs.

An O-ring ...

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How to generate more leads online

1. High Quality Video

People love to see and hear things and not just read about it. It is easier for our brain to remember audio-visuals than just read words. You have to create a high quality video to get the attention of your visitors. It is best to use those videos and „force“ your customers to take some action.

Your video has to be interesting and an eye-catcher. Your customers want entertainment.

2. Call-To-Action

Your Call to action has to be unique and stand out.

Several studies have shown this. A prospective client is a lot more likely to click or take some action like a sign-up when your CTA (Call-To-Action) can be clearly seen.

Someone that has urge to take action will do so when he notices what to do.

Just do a little case-study with some friends and tell them to watch your videos and if they ...

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